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Welcome to About Us. The part where we tell you about us.



We're four friends who want to understand the world. We want to know why. Unfortunately, we find that traditional forms of news media fail to adequately paint an independent, non-biased picture.


This website is our effort to make sense of things, as clearly as possible. We're pretty sure that you and others will find that valuable.


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The BrainBust Podcast is our flagship show, airing new episodes on every other Sunday afternoon. In each show we discuss the latest news, politics and current events. Additionally, we cover at least one major topic and offer a more in-depth view of what is going on. You can listen to our latest show, or browse our archive of episodes produced over the past year.

As the image implies, the BrainBust Blog is where we dump our thoughts, ideas and views on the world. It's for listeners and readers that would like to get some more context on our views and opinions. Additionally, it's a good place to throw around ideas and get feedback. Feel free to add your two cents by commenting. Presently, Dan does the majority of the writing.

If you're anything like us, you are sick of traditional news media. We hate the bias, lack of context and the general demeanor of most news folk. Watching a TV news broadcast makes  us want to stick forks in our eyes. Our News product is a synthesis  of the major stories that    we think matter, delivered to you in an easy-to-digest format, updated weekly.

Our articles are where things get really, really in-depth. We tackle major political, economic and social topics, and boil everything down in a way that is easy for you! Our goal with these is to generate public discussion about issues that require a little knowledge. Oh, and we'll add comics and almost anything we can find to make them entertaining.



The BrainBust Mission


The official mission is as follows: We seek to remove the hype, spin and agenda hidden in traditional news media. We will deliver to our audience a clear, concise and unfiltered message. We will strive to refrain from pandering to traditional political, religious or personal biases.


We will seek the truth and deliver our findings to those who share in that quest.


That's just a fancy way of saying that we're all really, really sick of the crap that gets passed off as news. 24-hour cable news channels have driven the definition of journalism beyond its rational boundaries.


So, we said, screw it. We'll just do the damn news.





The specifics, for you creepy types...


Most of the BB team currently resides in and around Columbus, Ohio. Jeff lives, like a hermit, in a small log cabin (on a hill? Oh, for god's sake) way east of town. Like a true pal, he makes the trek every week. Mr. "X" resides somewhere, and Blake brings his coverage to us from Georgia.


Dan lives near downtown Columbus, so that will be the de facto headquarters for now.


The whole crew met during their weirdo middle-school years, and instantly became friends when they discovered that they all would forgo food and water to play video games on a LAN connection for days. The strongest friendships are forged in the fires of excessive digital violence and mayhem.


Dan soon grew a wild hair up his butt and moved off to New York to work in finance. John, Seth and Jeff all went to school and worked in Columbus. After years of moving, military life, involuntary career-path adjustments, et al, the boys are back, stirring shit up.


That's all we're going to tell you for free.



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