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Blake Schreiber

Gun Rights & Voting Rights: Two Heads of the Same Beast

Blake Schreiber

Feb 15 2016

Democrats and Republicans both have their favorite child when it comes to topics they’ll argue vehemently for: Voting rights and Gun rights, respectively. For Democrats, the argument goes that voting should be in no way, form, or fashion restricted or denied; it’s the same when it comes up as gun rights for Republicans.

Now, both are rights granted and protected by the Constitution, but why are they treated so differently?



In my opinion, they should be treated in the same manner, at a basic level. They both carry the same value and importance in our society, since the Founding Fathers went through such grand struggles to make

sure we procured them through our independence from England. So why should we treat them any

differently? All the time you hear someone say either a) there should be no training, licensing, etc.

to purchase or carry a firearm, but Voter ID should be used for every election, or b) voting should have no

prerequisites, but purchasing/carrying a gun should have stringent regulations. Why? It doesn’t

matter what the repercussions of having a gun or voting are, but what they stand for in the first

place. Many times has the Supreme Court both struck down gun laws (D.C.) and voting restrictions

(polling tax in the South during Jim Crow) because at the end of the day, both are inalienable rights that

we as citizens are capable of enjoying. Does it make sense to allow different Constitutional rights to be

regulated in different ways? I don’t believe so.



If you’re willing to restrict the rights of someone else because they don’t pertain to you (gun

restrictions because you don’t own one, Voter ID because you already have a form of identification),

then you yourself are putting your own rights at risk. The Constitution isn’t a group of different vessels;

it’s one boat, that we all enjoy but must protect the integrity of. If one section has a hole in it and begins

taking on water, simply saying that you don’t need to worry about it because it’s not on this part of

the ship is quite an ignorant mindset to have; it’s just a matter of time before the whole thing sinks. That’s

why I myself treat them as the same issue. Stop trying to treat them unequally and look at the issues for

what they are: two rights, different but equally important, that should not be infringed but should still

be subject to the same regulations, if any.


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